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Twitter is one of the largest social media networks with a daily monetizable active audience of over 199 million users globally. That makes the platform one of the ideal places for advertising anything from clothing to financial services. However, starting from March of 2018, Twitter joined the cohort of platforms that have banned cryptocurrency advertising altogether.

Though Twitter ads of cryptocurrency projects are restricted and there is virtually no way of convincing the network to rethink its policy even in light of the indulgences being handed out by some of the major search engines in this regard, there are still ways of placing Twitter crypto ads.

can you advertise crypto on twitter?

Twitter cryptocurrency ads may be banned, but there are ways of placing relevant content on the network. However, at present, the social media network adheres to the global requirements of prohibition. Among the instruments that are banned globally for advertising are the following:

  • Payday loans;
  • Cash loans and peer-to-peer loans;
  • Initial Coin Offerings, or ICOs;
  • Token sales of any cryptocurrencies;
  • Binary options;
  • Bail bonds.

The prohibition may be state-relevant, however, the vast majority of states are for the prohibition and limit the circulation and advertising of digital currencies. Among the restricted instruments that have some opportunities of being advertised include the following:

  • Cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • Cryptocurrency wallets, or hot wallets.

In fact, some countries, like the United States, permit the advertising of cryptocurrency exchanges if they are registered with the relevant financial authorities, or have a public company in those jurisdictions. Twitter will consider the placement of advertising of such companies if contacted directly and if the necessary requirements are met.

What Includes Twitter Promotion?

There are ways of advertising cryptocurrency projects on Twitter even without resorting to direct ads. Among the ways that crypto projects can resort to in this matter are indirect ad placement that would not be construed as an ad at all.

The profile may contain information about a cryptocurrency or crypto-related project and should be leveraged to ensure that it receives visibility. Backlinking to the profile with the necessary information is not advertising, but the profile must be that of a real person, not a brand to be construed as promotion.

The bio may include several important hashtags and can be used for promotion purposes. The description should be clear and short to make sure it attracts the user’s attention and gets to the point.

Pinning important tweets is one of the ways of getting a vital message through and making sure that it is noticed the moment a user visits the profile. Such tweets have to highlight the product, the offering, the promotion, or any other key element of the project.

Benefits of Twitter Crypto Ads With Us

Twitter is a vital and organic element of any advertising or marketing strategy and experienced professionals in the crypto market know the value of promotion on the platform. However, individual projects seldom have the expertise and know-how to make sure their offering is properly highlighted. That is why they should turn to the services of professionals with years of experience in the industry. offers crypto projects over 25 services for promoting their offerings, including making use of Twitter as one of the leading instruments of their advertising strategies. With extensive expertise in utilizing a vast number of approaches to promotion, the professionals at offer their services at highly competitive prices and guarantee visibility and target audience reach.


Twitter is a powerful advertising instrument that crypto projects can take advantage of despite the ongoing ban of 2018 on advertising. The only way of properly making use of the platform is by contacting professionals, like those at, who can tailor a marketing strategy and implement it as an off-ramp to project success.

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