Trackers Listing

Trackers listing


Trackers’ listing is one of the most effective ways to increase relevant crypto traffic to your web and get investors.

These are so-called calendars of upcoming crypto projects.

We have a list of verified trackers (listing) websites such as Icoholder, Neironix, and other 53 DEFI/IEO/ICO/STO trackers. We also have 55 NFT marketplaces.

These are worldwide webs.


Most of them are free for submitting while others charge for getting listed. Once you’re listed you can use paid options – so you can highlight your project among others or use other paid options such as sending an email newsletter about your project to all registered users or posting about you in tracker’s social media accounts or putting banner about you on the very top of the page.

These paid options are available both on free and paid trackers and they really help to impact traffic and scale it. Moreover, you can find out exactly which tracker has driven traffic because you can put the UTM tag in the link of your project and thus see all the stats and metrics of each tracker inside your google analytics account.

The more info you submit – the higher your ranking inside the web. When people google your project, they will see links to these catalogs on the first page of google so it also helps to increase trust for your domain and improve SEO of the web too.

Once you are listed, you can place icons of these trackers on your web with their interior ranking score so it will help to get more trust for new visitors.

Our offer

✅ We sell the list of 99 trackers. We give you the list and you submit your project yourself. ✅

We also have 29 NFT marketplaces.

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