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The world of social media platforms is growing fast, considering the recent tarnishing of the image of such mainstays of the sector as Facebook. With refugees from bans and other types of restrictions imposed by censorship and outright violation of freedom of speech streaming to new venues, projects and entrepreneurs from all over the world are striving to create new platforms for social communication. Some platforms like Instagram are hosting the influx of new users seeking quality content, but some audiences are not eager to watch endless streams of edited photos and stream video clips about cats rolling over.

The internet population is becoming more demanding in terms of content, which is leading to the creation of specialized platforms that are capable of providing users not only with quality content but also meaningful communication. One of the newer and more promising endeavors of this type is the Quora platform, which has started playing host to a broad range of topics involving the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries.

At heart, Quora is a question and answer platform that hosts users who post questions they need answers to. Other users answer the questions based on their knowledge and experience. The platform boasts a powerful motivation and social component, wherein users upvote or downvote answers and thus push the more meaningful and relevant ones to the top.

Can You Advertise Crypto On Quora?​


Cryptocurrencies are a new direction in the market altogether and have been raised on Quora in the form of questions pertaining to the industry. The platform allows such questions to be posted along with answers to them. Recently, Quora has started allowing crypto ads and the promotion of related services.

Among the topics that Quora crypto ads can be directed at include exchanges, wallets, some financial services for managing cryptocurrencies for the better, and even ICOs. In addition, Quora ads about crypto can include educational materials about cryptocurrencies and related information that can help users understand the topic better.

Though relatively crypto-friendly in terms of discussion and promotion, Quora does not allow any specific and explicit ads of such content as trading bots, mining platforms, or any specific cryptocurrencies outside of their dedicated ICOs.

For instance, any promotion of Bitcoin crypto on Quora will require the approval of the platform’s support team. All other cryptocurrency-related products and services must also receive approval from the team before being submitted as comments, questions, or answers on the platform.

What Includes Quora Crypto Promotion?

Quora crypto promotion largely includes the provision of specific answers to cryptocurrency or blockchain-related topics, as well as direct ads of exchanges, ICOs, wallets, or crypto management instruments. Basically put, crypto projects can leverage the power of Quora’s audience and user base by displaying their expertise or direct advertising as per the platform’s rules.

Given the specifics of Quora as a question and answer platform, projects that provide better answers and get upvoted, will receive a higher standing and stand a chance of having their incorporated link in the answer to be clicked on by potential users.

Benefits of Quora Crypto Ads with Us

Though it may seem simple to place ads on Quora or randomly answer questions, there are rules and approaches that have to be considered when operating on the platform. Average users without prior experience, who jot down answers based on their own experience or from copy-pasted sources are unlikely to be upvoted en masse. That is why projects seeking promotion on Quora must resort to a professional crypto advertising agency to establish a presence on Quora.

The agency offers a host of crypto advertising services including over 25 outreach instruments, which encompass Quora crypto ads and many others. The numerous testimonials and use cases provided by the agency serve as proof of its expertise and dedication to client satisfaction.


Quora can be a powerful instrument for crypto advertising, considering its massive user base and the unique approach to communication that it offers in the question-answer format. But crypto projects hoping to have a presence on the platform must relate to professionals like to maximize their chances of being noticed.

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