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We have direct access to contributors of 150+ business and crypto media (Yahoo Finance, Forbes, Cointelegraph etc.)

We also provide explosive PR options – when you dont pay for any articles but we create “media virus” around your company so that all the media desire to spread a word about you just because “it sounds really hype”.

Public Relations is an essential part of image and brand making. The image a company wants to convey will be perceived by viewers, readers, and audiences only via the actions made by the company in the mediascape. This includes forums, chat boards, publications, blogs, and other resources that act as launchpads for various kinds of announcements and messages that a company is sharing.

Crypto PR has existed since the inception of the decentralized industry and encompasses the same competencies and areas that other public relations sectors delve into. However, with crypto PR, the essence of the matter is connected with the perception of the industry as a whole, which predetermines much of the vector that specialists in the field will be taking. Crypto public relations is all about making sure that audiences and communities receive a positive image of a project via news feeds and other communication channels.

A crypto PR agency is also a common occurrence in the industry, as it is the work of experienced specialists to promote projects and highlight their actions in prominent media outlets after determining the light in which some piece of information should be presented. However, such agencies also deal with routine issues, such as crisis management and communication with the community directly.

What is Crypto PR?

Simply put, crypto PR is the process of establishing relations between a crypto project and the community at large, determining the means of communication and the information that should be disseminated through media outlets and other channels.

Cryptocurrency PR is part of the given sector since a cryptocurrency is the underlying project and needs to be presented in the information field as well. As a digital representation of a project, a cryptocurrency needs to be positively highlighted and perceived to be given a chance of being noticed and taken seriously, and traded as an attractive asset.

In large part, PR crypto activities determine the vector of a cryptocurrency’s development, as it will determine the information field surrounding the asset and thus influence its trading volumes.

PR Services for Crypto

Cryptocurrency PR agency specialists offer a broad range of services for promoting cryptocurrencies in the information field. In addition, they provide content planning and public relations strategies after analyzing the project and understanding what kind of image it should be attributed to.

Among the services that are included in crypto, PR is pitching to journalists of news and other stories that can be presented in a positive light for the benefit of the project. The job of a PR specialist is to make sure that the story is written in a way that will be beneficial for the project and in a way that will attract the attention of the community.

Other crypto PR activities include communication with the community through blogs and other resources, where carefully selected information is posted and backlinks are provided to ensure quality organic traffic.

In large part, crypto PR is part of all proper advertising and marketing activities, as it serves as the underlying planning and course-setter of the information strategy to be employed in project promotion.

What We Can Offer? is a reputable and highly experienced crypto PR agency that specializes in promoting projects in a variety of industry sectors. The agency boasts an impressive list of clients, each offering their testimonials about the company’s operation and the success of the strategy and its implementation that provided. The agency offers a host of services, including over 25 offers at affordable prices that ensure the success of any PR and advertising effort.


Crypto PR is an inherent part of any proper marketing strategy that has to take into account the positioning of the project and the image it will be projecting. is an experienced agency that makes sure that crypto PR brings benefits to the client and becomes an integrated element of its development.

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