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Google Adwords

  • Cryptocurrency Ads have been banned by Google but you can still use Google AdWords.
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Google is the keystone of the international internet grid and one of the main advertising forums for any business seeking to have a chance at trending in front of their users. Considering the strict requirements of the search engine and intensely analyzing the latest drifts in SEO and other parameters is so important in making sure that a website is listed, indexed, and ranks at the first page of Google.

The problem remains the same when it comes to cryptocurrency businesses seeking to advertise their offerings on Google. However, the Google has banned advertisements for cryptocurrency since 2018, when the Google executed stern restrictions on the advertising of crypto products. Though the ban was long-termed and was largely due to ICOs that have been declared as scams, the latest release of Google’s advertising program has become a welcoming scheme for crypto ventures.

Can You Advertise Crypto On Google?

Google advertisement for crypto ventures has been revised and a new procedure has been updated on August 3rd, 2020. The statement released by the IT titan specified that cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets that aim to reach the audience within US have the right to post their ads on Google if they comply with a number of rules and regulations.

Among these rules that crypto exchanges and wallets have to consider are as follows:

  1. Be listed on FinCEN as a Money Services Business and within at least one state as a money transmitter;
  2. Be listed as a federal or state-chartered bank entity;
  3. Obey the legal requirements, including any local legal regulations, whether at a state or federal level;
  4. Confirm that the advertisements and websites comply with all Google Ads rules. 

The stated regulations that have come into implication fundamentally replace those that have presided since March of 2018, when Google ads of cryptocurrency ventures were barred completely. A portion of those regulations are still in place, as Google has restated that it will not be advertising any ICO due to scam possibilities, any sort of DeFi trading procedures, or the trade, sale, procurement, or exchange of any cryptocurrency or digital possessions. Google also states that among the products that are still under the ban for advertising are initial DEX offerings, token liquidity pools, celebrity cryptocurrency endorsements, un-hosted wallets, unfettered DApps, and others.

What is Google Promotion?

It is quite disappointing to see that majority of cryptocurrency ventures do not have the opportunity to get to know the power of Google ads, considering the wonders it can do.

Google’s offers extend the simple placement of ads on the index and their succeeding score up the inquiry charts. Google offers a wide-ranging trading suite that allows companies to compose their strategies and ad placement based on a variety of strictures. Which includes geolocation, search trends based on keywords and prior search fallouts of users, ad-based top placement at the top of search results.

Obeying the SEO tactics is vital when seeking organic promotion and ad assignment since Google deploys AI bots that roam websites in search of proper assemblies, links, and keywords to establish the settlement of such websites in search inquiries based on application.

Importance of Google Crypto Ads With DMD

Crypto ventures have the opportunity to promote their offerings on Google even with the current limitations in action. This depends upon the expertise of the marketing individuals and their experience in finding holes in Google’s regulations. Crypto products can be indirectly advertised by using a series of backlinks and secondary advertising plans, but only qualified professionals know the ins and outs of the procedure.

That is why it is very important for crypto ventures to rely on the services of experienced agencies like, which have been operating on the market for years. offers a wide array of over 30 main advertising services for crypto projects at the best costs. Digi mark direct claims an imposing list of testimonials, proving its standing as a dependable and effective way-finder in the world of cryptocurrency ads. The agency’s dedicated staff of specialists has years of experience in using Google and other search engines, as well as social media stations for helping a wide variety of crypto ventures.


Google may have excluded crypto ads, but there are ways that can be used for making sure that users of the most prime search engine in the world are exposed to value offerings in the crypto market. But only enthusiastic and highly skilled professionals have the know-how to sidestep the restrictions and run secondary ads on Google.

Using the services of experienced specialists in the field and devoted advertising companies like is the best advertising agencies and is the key to triumph when the titans of the IT world are ignoring the crypto market.

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