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B1. Location: Home Page
-Advert Rotation: 2 rotations (1/2 split), changes every 30 seconds between advertisers upon page refresh
-Minimum commitment: 1 week
-Banner size: 730×90, and 321×101 png

B2. Location: Address Page
-Advert Rotation: 4 rotations (1/4 split), changes every 15 seconds between advertisers upon page refresh
-Minimum commitment: 1 week
-Banner size: 1140×90, 730×90, and 321×101 png

B3. Location: Token Info Page
-Advert Rotation: 4 rotations (1/4 split), changes every 15 seconds between advertisers upon page refresh
-Minimum commitment: 1 week
-Banner size: 1140×90, 730×90, and 321×101 png

Every blockchain is considered to adhere to the fundamental principles of decentralization, which include fairness, complete transparency, and immutability. However, transparency alone is not enough to ensure the compliance of the given virtue, nor does it guarantee its visibility to all users of the blockchain. Since most average users do not possess the necessary programming skills to tap into blockchain infrastructures and see or understand, the code of the underlying transactions, an instrument was needed to simplify the process of making blockchain transparency accessible to all members of the decentralized finance market.

Blockchain explorers were the answer to such a dilemma. As specialized services for tapping into the blockchain ledger, these explorers make surfing the information of a blockchain easy and accessible to all users. The blockchain explorer is designed to allow users to see wallets, transactions, smart contract terms, and much more at the click of a button without even having to know any code. All that a blockchain explorer needs from the user is knowledge of what to look for, and what it will deliver.

However, LinkedIn is also a powerful advertising platform that relies on the essence of its participants for promoting a variety of goods and services. The crypto industry is one of these industries that have benefited from LinkedIn, as numerous professionals from it have migrated to the network and started showcasing their potential, and promoting their current projects.

What is Etherscan?

Etherscan is one of the first blockchain explorers designed to monitor all the activities on the Ethereum blockchain – the largest decentralized network on the market. Etherscan has become the go-to solution for all Ethereum users seeking to validate, verify or simply find transactions and smart contracts on the given blockchain.

Acting essentially as a blockchain search engine, Etherscan lets users tap into the individual blocks of the ledger and verify and approve transactions. All users need to do is enter an address into the search bar and locate the block they are looking for to see all of the information hashed into it.

Apart from acting as a search service, Etherscan allows users to open accounts and sign up for the activities of various addresses. By signing up to changes, users will be receiving notifications on any movements of changes to addresses and will thus be able to monitor their activities. Etherscan also provides extensive insights into transaction histories and other metrics that allow users to see the full list of actions performed on any address, such as transfers, receipts, and much more.

How to Promote Crypto Project on Etherscan?

Apart from acting as a blockchain search engine, Etherscan also gives promotional opportunities for projects. Considering that the service is used by millions of users of the Ethereum network, Etherscan ads are an effective means of showcasing project offerings before a viable and targeted audience of potential users.

Projects can advertise on Etherscan by contacting the service and negotiating the terms of placement. Advertising on Etherscan is quite versatile since the service provides ample opportunities and ways of ad placement, ranging from banners and interactive buttons to static displays and even videos.

What We Can Offer?

Since Etherscan is a service that seeks to monetize the ad slots and spaces it has at its disposal, as well as the fact that it is visited by millions of users on a daily basis, the need for having a comprehensive action plan when contacting them is obvious. The advertising agency offers its clients the opportunity to negotiate beneficial and highly attractive conditions for ad placement on Etherscan. By leveraging its many years of market experience and professional expertise in negotiating with crypto market participants, the team at will be acting in the interests of its clients throughout the entire period of negotiation. With many proven cases behind its belt and a solid reputation as a reliable partner, is dedicated to supporting its clients through the Etherscan ad placement service and ensures quality results at affordable prices.


Etherscan is a blockchain explorer that is visited by millions on a daily basis. As such, the ads that are placed on its pages receive a high degree of visibility. allows its clients to tap into the audience of Etherscan users by negotiating favorable ad placement terms and streamlining the entire process.

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