Telegram community management

Telegram community management

Your telegram chat members expect answers without delays.


Moderators add emojis, create a full FAQ, pin detailed messages with all the links to the chats.

Moderators engage new people in the conversation.

Moderators ban spammers and protect your community.

Moderators use anti-spam bots, use polls.

Moderators inform clients in real-time.

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Moderation on Twitter and Discord is also possible.

The community is the cornerstone of any project. It is the community that ensures the provision of liquidity, usability, distribution, feedback, reputation maintenance and support for a crypto project. Creating a community is no simple task, as a project is entirely reliant on itself when it starts down the path of attracting likeminded individuals or believers in its use case and product offering. The community will be acting as the supporting pillar in this endeavor, providing invaluable feedback about the functioning of the service and providing its funds as investments for the development of the project in hopes of receiving profits in the future. It is redundant to reiterate that project communities are largely motivated by the desire to make profits from their investments, but that does not negate their role in project traction. The greater the number of community members – the more the liquidity and use of the service or product in question. But maintaining a community is a difficult task that is reserved for professionals – one that cannot be taken lightly. This is where community management steps in as a vital function for all projects that seek to maintain good relations with their communities. Community management services are a specialized branch of crypto project development that encompasses several areas and requires in-depth knowledge of both the market with its tools and intricacies, as well as the mindset of its participants.

What is Crypto Community Management?

Crypto community management is an area of crypto project development that takes into account the relations with the members of the audience either supporting or following a certain project. This area of activities includes the timely and accurate transmission and dissemination of important information to community members via various communication channels with the application of a vast array of instruments. Among the main tools that are applicable to the community management area are the following:

  • Telegram group maintenance;
  • Chats in various services and resources;
  • Forum thread maintenance;
  • Mailing lists and Social Media Marketing tools;
  • Posts in blogs;
  • Airdrops;
  • Conflict resolution.

Community management is largely focused on conveying the right messages about the project to the community to inform them of project status and to maintain interest in its development. The process also involves conflict resolution and public relations. Community managers must also consider the fact that some community members may be hostile agents and must therefore be dealt with accordingly in a manner that would not arouse or distance the other members of the community.

Crypto Community Management Services

Community management services largely rely on the maintenance of working relations with community members via various communication channels. Such services include the maintenance of chats and groups, the development, launch and conclusion of various events and promotions, as well as airdrops, and other activities that would keep the community engaged.

Community management services also include elements of public relations, as the transmission of important information through social media channels and other resources is part of the job. Among other services involved is the dissemination of messages and announcements among community members. The services also include the growth of the community through advertising and word of mouth.

What We Can Offer?

Few projects can ensure proper community management on their own. That is why the need for professional community management services from specialized agencies is vital. offers a broad range of over 30 services tailored to maintain communities for crypto projects. With many years of experience on the market and the testimonials and use cases to match, guarantees quality community management services and project traction in the communications field.


Community management is the cornerstone of project development, as the community will provide not only support but also financial inflows. That is why agencies like offer affordable and quality community management services to ensure community retention and growth.

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